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Analogue Goes Digital


Analogue Goes Digital

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 / blog

Analogue photography is experiencing a big-time revival right now, what with everyone going ga-ga over the huge plethora of film cameras on the market. But we’re sure you’d want to share your analogue shots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else — and that’s where the new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner will come in really useful.

You can now scan your 35mm films by simply inserting them into the scanner, placing your smartphone in position and then simply using it to take a photo of the scanned negative, edit it with the in-built application and — voilà! It’s now good to go online.

The Smartphone Film Scanner works via a direct light scanner that illuminates your negatives, allowing your smartphone to then immediately capture a photo. It works with colour negative, colour slide, and black and white films, and even longer panoramic shots and 35mm LomoKino movies. And it simply operates on 2AA batteries, and measures just 14cm x 7cm x 13cm and weighs a mere 244 grams, so you can easily carry it around.

And as for the in-built app, it’s iPhone and Android-compatible, and is able to convert all types of 35mm films, as well as stich together panoramas and animate LomoKino stills.

If you still don't believe that such an amazing thing exists, watch this video for yourself at:

We definitely can’t wait to get our hands on this — after all, even with your analogue photographs, you know you’d want to share it online for the world to see.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, $99. Available at

In the month of May, mention “NYLON” when you purchase the Smartphone Film Scanner at the Lomography store at 295 South Bridge Road to get 10% off. 

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